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Open an account by visiting any branches or by clicking Open Now. We verify your identity to safeguard your funds and comply with regulations, which is also required for future transactions. 


SomBank, a leading financial institution in Somalia, presents a robust SWIFT service, meticulously .... Read more


Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) is a crucial system employed by banks for the transfer of ..... Read more


Tawakal Express is a service that offers international money transfer services Read more


Payroll refers to the process by which a company compensates its employees for their work ..... Read more

About SomBank

Founded in 2017 by Somali professionals, SomBank operates with a commercial banking license from the Central Bank of Somalia. We're dedicated to ethical banking based on Sharia principles, aiming to empower individuals and businesses.....

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T-Plus Mobile Wallet

T-Plus is the first mobile wallet application in Somalia, offering a convenient and efficient way to send money to family and friends globally. 

It’s designed to provide fast, effective, and reliable electronic money wiring services. Users can create an account for free, verify their identity for larger transfers, make deposits, and transfer funds to anyone, anywhere. 

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As a leading financial institution, SomBank has established its presence across all regions of Somalia, providing essential banking services to individuals, businesses, and communities. With a commitment to Shari’ah-compliant practices and a vision of financial inclusion, SomBank’s network of branches plays a pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape of the nation.

Tre Piano Hamar Weyne Howl Wadaag Bakaaro Suuq Bacaad Halane Garowe Garowe 2 Galdogob Galkacyo Bosaso Bosaso Market Qardho Lascaanod Beydhabo Kismayo


As a forward-thinking financial institution, SomBank has strategically positioned 10 ATMs across diverse locations throughout Somalia. These ATMs serve as vital touchpoints, enhancing convenience and accessibility for our valued customers.

Tre Piano HQ Colow Tower Halane - Airport Mall City Mall - Hamar Weyne Kismaayo Branch Martisoor Hotel - Garowe Galdogob Branch Galkacyo Branch Beydhabo Branch Bosaso Branch

Somali Investment Academy Training 2024

Tababarkaan oo ay qabanqaabadisa lahaayeen IFC iyo World Bank oo kaashanaayo Strathmore University ayaa waxaa xoogga lagu saarayay maalgashiga suuqyada koraaya.

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Somali Women in Business 2022

SomBank has actively participated in the Somali Women in Business (SWIB) community, demonstrating its commitment to empowering Somali women entrepreneurs.

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SomBank Mastercard Launching Event 2023

Mastercard and SomBank have joined forces in a strategic partnership to introduce the SomBank Card, a Mastercard-branded debit card, to the Somali market.

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