Al ikhlas Umrah service is an Umrah financing service that enables customers to perform Umrah more easily through monthly installments having paid 30% of the Umrah package.

This service is available across our branch network.

Al Ikhlas Umrah Terms of Service

  1. The Customer must complete the Service Request Form.
  2. The customer must have an account with SomBank or open a new one.
  3. He must bring a letter confirming where he works or income. (Employment Contract or business income).
  4. Bank statement 6 months from SomBank or other banks in the country.
  5. Unexpired passport (6 months) and passport size photo.
  6. He must pay 30% of the minimum cost of Umrah service.
  7. Must provide personal guarantee acceptable to the bank.

Services that the customer will get.

Travel service covered by.